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Our Services

The range of activities of the private and state lawyer is very wide. The specific nature of our profession obliges us to understand various nuances of law and legal proceedings. It is important to have a good understanding of the role of the lawyer in justice who should provide irreplaceable assistance not only to the client but also to the judge who makes the final decision on the case.

Our services are used when it is required to know the following areas of jurisprudence:

1) Criminal Law – one of the areas of law which determines which action is considered to be a crime and imposes respective punishment for each crime. Engagement of the lawyer at the early stages of criminal prosecution ensures maximum protection of the client.

2) Administrative Law – one of the most significant areas of lawyer activities. It governs the administrative-social relations in the field of state governance, defines the procedure and principles of creation and liquidation of governance authorities, their organization and activities. Norms of administrative law also define the powers of citizens, state officials and executive officers, establish the mandatory rules of conduct, impose liability for their violation.

3) Civil Law – is the area of law which governs the proprietary and non-proprietary issues between citizens. Our task is to independently evaluate the specific case to ensure legal equality between the opposing parties and satisfy the interests of citizens without violation of moral norms and ethics.

4) Immigration Law – settlement of migration, emigration, repatriation and other issues related to exercising the right of free movement and legal stay of foreigners on the territory of Georgia.

5) Inheritance Law – one of the most painful topics for the clients using our services. Qualified legal advice on legal issues of inheritance allows the client to settle the inheritance-related issues and divide the inherited property with other heirs in the manner established by the legislation.

6) Divorce – one more sensitive area of the lawyer’s work. Our task here is to evaluate the amount of property purchased together as accurately as possible and divide it between the former spouses according to their income, needs and demands of underaged children.

7) Insurance Law – one of the important areas of lawyer activities governs insurance events, providing legal support to protect interests of the client before the insurance company in accordance with the legislation.